The purpose of this project is to create a way to dynamically generate visualizations of numbers to reveal patterns in the relationships between them.

This application was written using a variety of web-compatable computer languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, & JavaScript. It has only been rigorously tested on Mozilla's FireFox and is not guaranteed to work at all. Have fun.

Graphing the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

I have produced a simple java program which is capable of accepting a set of instructions to graph a series of [potentially] overlapping rectangles. The purpose is to graphically represent the nature of prime numbers as fundamental components of the natural numbers. Though the solution to this problem has not been found, you can find the in-depth explanation of my efforts, downloadable jar file, sample instruction set, and instruction syntax here. This is the product of an independent study I did at my college.

Number Array Generation

Creates an array of numbers where primes are shown. Upon clicking a number, that number's divisors and multiples are hi-lighted. All hi-lighted numbers will reveal their proper divisors.

Display: Prime Pattern
Distance Between Primes

Rhythmic Divisibility Graph

This script will create a graph; pixels are colored where y|x (where y evenly divides x).


Graphed Divisibility of Particular Integers

Creates a bar graph displaying the relative divisibility between a given integer (i) and each integer of lesser value (x). The x-axis is the set of divisors (x) whereas the y-axis displays the value of the remainder from the function i/x.


Inter-Multiple Divisor Overlap

Experimentally determines the percentage of y multiples of a certain integer, x, which are also divisible by other select integers, z.

Area (x):
Iterations (y):
Overlap (z):